Cafes in Jakarta

Cafés in Jakarta

Air Cantee Café
Beautifully decorated café and spa. Great place to spend an afternoon getting pampered and enjoying delicious food. Great selection of coffee and tea.
Jl. Wolter Moningsidi No 2. Tel. 7278 9771.

Plaza Senayan 2-2f.
Jl Asia Afrika No 8. Tel. 579 00407 (branches).

Bakoel Koffie
Jl Barito II no11A. Tel. 722 8353. (branches).

Barbados Cafe
Huge, pirate-themed, live music­ and eating venue.
Jl Kemang Raya No 68. Tel. 719 9346.

Chic eatery with decent French dining. An expat favourite.
Plaza Bisnis Kemang I, Jl Kemang Raya No2. Tel. 718 3422.

Bug’s Cafe
Jl Metro Pondok Indah- Padang Golf. Tel. 759 08204. $

Cafe de Paris
Jl Kemang Raya No 90. Tel. 7179 3470.

Cafe Tator
Plaza Senayan 3-f, Jl Asia Afrika No 8. Tel. 572 5557.

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
Plaza Senayan G-f.
Jl Asia Afrika No 8. Tel. 572 5303 (branches).

Corica Cafe
Famous for its apple strudel.
Jl Sampit V no2, Blok M. Tel. 723 7418.

C21 Boutique Cafe
A minimalist see and be-seen cafe.
Plaza Senayan Tel. 572 5202. $$
The Plaza Semanggi, Jl Sudirman. Tel. 255 36304.

Dakken Coffee & Steak
Jl Kemang Selatan no150. Tel. 788 37628.

Dome Cafe
Plaza Indonesia. Tel. 310 7553.
CITOS, g-f #002A. Tel. 759 20231.

Gloria Jeans Coffee
An American franchise with high-quality coffee.
The Plaza Semanggi. Jl Sudirman. Tel. 255 36472.

Jimbani Cafe
Balinese inspired bar with good live music.
Jl Kemang Raya No 85. Tel. 7179 1537.

Kafe Museum
Jl. Taman Fatahillah I. Tel. 6930140.

Kafe Roti
Simple cafe with tables that double as game boards.
Plaza Senayan 2-f. Jl Asia Afrika No 8. Tel. 572 5580.

Kafe Victoria
Plaza Senayan. Tel. 572 5108.
Plaza Semanggi. Tel. 255 36288.

Relaxed ambience, good selection of coffee, and piano player at weekends.
Jl Bangka Raya No 99a. Tel. 719 4450.

La Moda Cafe
The atrium of Jakarta’s poshest mall has regular fashion shows, along with food from the adjacent Grand Hyatt hotel.
Plaza Indonesia­ atrium, Jl Thamrin. Tel. 390 1234.

Mister Bean Coffee
Cilandak Town Square. Tel. 7592 0235.

News Cafe
I and II Two modern and upmarket cafes with varied menus and bands.
Jl Kemang Raya No 10. Tel. 717 92575.
Setiabudi Building I, Jl Rasuna Said No 62. Tel. 525 7376. $

Palem’s Coffee
Plaza Senayan. Tel. 579 00055.

Patio Cafe
Pasaraya Grande, Jl Iskandar Syah II. Tel. 722 7550.

Rendezvous place for a chat with rich gelato.
Kemang Business Plaza, Jl Kemang Raya No 2. Tel. 719 2320.

Segafredo Zanetti
Small but popular espresso bar for Jakarta’s young executives.
Plaza Indonesia, Jl Thamrin. Tel. 315 0276.

Scoop’s Gourmet Coffee Shop
Cozy place to sit and read.
Jl.Barito II No. 7A. Tel. 725 0609.

Soeryo Cafe & Steak
Pasaraya Grande,
Level 2 East Building. Tel. 722 7521 (branches).

Tee Box Cafe
Jl Wijaya II no123, Kebayoran Baru.
Tel. 723 4475 (branches).

Twilite Cafe
Jl Kemang Raya No 24A. Tel. 719 4278.

Wien Cafe
This Austrian cafe serves main meals like wiener schnitzle along with delicious Austrian pastries.
Plaza Senayan Tel. 572 5686. (branches).


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